1. 1 Claire November 20, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    I would just like to say that your site is an inspiration!! It’s about time I’ve read some positive feedback on such a wonderful place. I’m tired of hearing quotes that depict Ilfracombe as being dead and buried…this saddens me greatly. I love your optimism and Ilfracombe greatly needs more people like you.
    My Nan lives there. When I was a child (I’m now 33) most of my family would stay with my Nan and holiday in the great place that was Ilfracombe. I have magical memories of the place, with the colourful flowered sea-front and all the holiday makers everywhere and fine shops. Also the sounds of the sea-gulls, visiting ‘The Tunnels’ and walking the famous Torrs walk. Ilfracombe has so much to offer and I do believe that Ilfracombe will once again be a thieving sea-side town sometime in the future. If only I was rich, I would buy a lovely Victorian home there and just sit and wait for the Ilfracombe boom! I do believe the place will be desirable again.
    Another thing that INFURIATES me, are the Facebook hate groups who want to tarnish Ilfracombe. An example is a group who want to banish the Victorian parade. What’s wrong with people, do they not want to embrace the era that was great and magical and the era in which Ilfracombe was born and thrived on. Historic knowledge is a valuable thing and it’s needed to appreciate how great England once was. There was no drunk and disorderly behaviour, no drug problems, people were sincere and dressed smartly and held their head up high. What do we have now in Ilfracombe apart from a asbo’s, major drug issues and high unemployment!! If people want to run Ilfracombe down verbally and physically then in my opinion they are not welcome and should ship out and let the place thrives again. I do believe that there are more inhabitants in Ilfracombe who want the old Ilfracombe back, compared to the citizens who are determined to destroy the image of the place. The positive people should stand strong against those and fight for your great Devonshire town as you have a place that’s enviable for many around the UK, so hold your head high. I wish the police and local council would act more, but until then, let the good folk take hold!
    Rant over! Keep up the good work!
    Miss Lee

    • 2 leenewham November 21, 2009 at 2:19 am

      Hi Claire,

      thanks for your comment and your kind words. What groups are there on facebook? We will have to have a look.
      I agree that history is something that should be built on, appreciated, nurtured, preserved for people to learn from.
      It is that history that gives Ilfracombe it’s beauty and many people their memories. Best to build on what you have rather than destroy it. That’s how ilfracombe got the loathed Landmark Centre (which I don’t mind) instead of the Ilfracombe Hotel that used to sit on the site (which I remember and loved, it was beautiful).


  2. 3 David Airey November 21, 2009 at 5:37 pm

    £40,000? Are you serious?

    The brand guidelines aren’t available through the website, but my only guess is they’re a work of art.

  3. 4 SHewitt November 21, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    It’s clearly a corporate logo, and Ilfracombe should never be promoted like this. It’s terrible. A total waste of #40,000.

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