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On the Journals Website there has been very positive feedback on the project so far.

Have a look for yourself:

W.I.I. wrote to all the Ilfracombe councilors last week to point them towards this project including Cllr Edmunds. As yet we are still waiting for them to respond. Perhaps they are all very busy!


If you have images of something in Ilfracombe that needs help, please get in touch. We can’t promise anything and wont do all requests, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but it may be something we can look at in the future.

Love it or Loathe it?

Love it or Loathe it?

In Particular the Landmark and the bus station from as many different angles as possible. We think the bus station is an opportunity that should give focus to the harbour and be something for people to do rather than more housing. Caf├ęs, a piazza, an artificial beach with supervision for young kids so mum and dad can enjoy a bite to eat, an outdoor theatre or street performers. Or perhaps a market. But not housing. Not there in such a prime location. It’s crazy!

Many thanks

Lee & Ariana

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