Ilfracombe was beautiful!

We truely believe this and that it can be again.

For proof, look at these amazing images from the Frith Collection:

Picture 19

Sadly missed...

You can add (and read) people memories of the town too. The church where we had our wedding blessing is there, the hotel where I partly grew up (the Carlton). It looks really stunning in Black and white and It’s incredible how big the crowds are.

Lots of pictures of the pavilion. Non of it when it had the concrete wings. None of the high street.

I wonder what pictures will be on sites like this in the future?

If you have any pictures of Ilfracombe that show it in it’s best light and you would like to share, please send them to us and we will add them here.

2 Responses to “ILFRACOMBE IMAGES”

  1. 1 Carol February 24, 2015 at 11:05 am

    On the 3rd July we will be celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary.
    We spend out honeymoon in The Candar Hotel and understand it has now burnt down.
    How sad it would have been good to visit Ilfracombe once more at this very special time for us.
    Do you have any photographs of the hotel as it as etc.


    • 2 Lee @ Designed By Good People February 24, 2015 at 11:22 am

      Firstly, congratulations.
      The Candar did burn down, about 100 years after it first burnt down. I remember the arcade well and loved the views it gave to the sea front. It was a lovely victorian building. Unfortunately what they replaced it with is the sort of 1980’s generic, bland building that has made many areas feel unloved and ugly.

      Ilfracombe has some really nice places to stay, but the town centre is feeling unloved and shabby. The sea front is undergoing a bit of a regeneration, but the Pavillion has gone, the Collingwood Hotel has gone, replaced with a modern and rather strange and awkward looking JD Wetherspoons. I have family that lives down in Ilfracombe. I’ve always been interested in High Street regeneration which stems from my living and being brought up in Ilfracombe. It’s frustrating that it’s feels so down at heel. But there are some lovely places there still, but it grates that a lot of what mades it lovely and interesting is slowly being chipped away.

      But change is often interesting, and after 50 years it’s worth going back and soaking up all the sparks of memories that the place will ignite.

      Happy 50th anniversary.

      As for images, I’m afraid I don’t have any at hand, but you will find many images on this rather lovely Facebook page:

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